WINNER of 2016 BCA BIM AWARDS (Organisation Category)

OSPL_WINNER of 2016 BCA BIM AWARDS (Organisation Category)

We are delighted to be recognised as the Platinum Award Winner of BCA BIM Awards (Organisation Category) on 26 May 2016.

We implemented the use of BIM on our projects since 2010 and at the same time set the vision and mission of our BIM programme moving forward. We progressively set and achieved significant implementation milestones at the corporate level as well as at project levels. Since the implementation in 2010, we have set various standards into action, obtained numerous BCA project grants for BIM use, implemented 4D & 5D, and progressed staff training at the local level and future plans for training at our HQ in Tokyo.

BIM award ceremony

Patrick Chia
Senior Project Manager
Our management has envisioned the importance of the BIM platform since 2010 before the rest of the built environment industry. Under the leadership of our Directors, we have steadfastly invested in the technology as well as the necessary training for our staff. Our efforts and results are attested by the BCA BIM Platinum Award which recognizes OSPL as the market leader in BIM implementation. This is only the beginning of a new journey which we must embrace in order to keep up with the changing times.

Ng Siew Loong
BIM Design Manager

We started BIM implementation since year 2011. After a few years’ of hard work, we won BIM award this year, thanks to the dedication of our BIM team and support from our top management. We will continue to improve our BIM standard and extend the usage of BIM to site activities.