Caring for the Environment

  • Kallang Riverside Clean Up

    In July 2022, a group of Obayashi employees gathered at Kallang Riverside Park for an ESG event - river clean up on pedal boats and power boats, jointly organized by Waterways Watch Society (WWS). It was a pleasant day to be out. The team learned the impact of improper waste disposal as well as the importance of individual ownership in ensuring environmental sustainability. The team collectively picked up a whopping 28kg of trash, consisting of plastic bags, straws, lighters, and face masks.

    Litter poses dangers and threats not only to the biodiversity, but also to us, the communities. It is everybody’s responsibility to appreciate the importance of water and by taking care of nature, we are also caring for ourselves.

  • ESG at Mandai Track 15

    In April 2022, Obayashi’s Mandai Package B project, led by Project Safety Team, carried out litter picking along the Mandai Track 15. This is a popular cycling route with many wastes observed around the vicinity. The family of boars and the Macaque Troops are often seen devouring the garbage left behind by cyclists or the public. The team took 2 hours to clear the garbage. A group photo was taken in front of Mandai Wildlife Reserve Billboard, located opposite Mandai Track 15.