Obayashi Principles

 About Obayashi

Obayashi Principles

  1. Exercise true craftsmanship and employ superior technologies to make every space as valuable as it can be.
  2. Show concern for the global environment and offer solutions to social challenges as a good corporate citizen.
  3. Value everyone we come in contact with in our business.

Obayashi Code of Conduct

  1. Fulfill our social mission
    1. Provide high-quality buildings, infrastructure and services We earn the trust of customers by providing safe, secure, high-quality buildings, infrastructure and services, exercising true craftsmanship and employing innovative technologies.
    2. Foster an environmentally responsible society We foster a society that has a low carbon footprint, is committed to recycling, and has a deep respect for the natural world.
    3. Value every one of our associates We ensure the health and safety of all business partners and create a work environment where all of our associates can exercise their unique talents.
    4. Earn trust from suppliers We conduct fair transactions with suppliers and build strong relationships of trust that result in mutual growth.
    5. Build good relationships with communities We respect the cultures and customs of each nation and region and build good relationships with communities as a good corporate citizen.
  2. Ensure strict adherence to corporate ethics
    1. Comply with laws and regulations and proper business conduct We comply with laws and regulations and practice proper business conduct while striving to foster a strong awareness of ethics in each director and employee.
    2. Promote fair and free competition We maintain and develop a sound market by promoting fair and free competition in accordance with antitrust laws and other relevant laws and regulations.
    3. Maintain appropriate relationships with stakeholders We maintain appropriate relationships with all stakeholders, including politicians and government administrations, customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and communities.
    4. Avoid all contact with antisocial forces We are resolute in avoiding any and all contact or transactions with antisocial forces such as organized crime groups that disrupt social order and public safety, making an exhaustive effort to avoid entering into any transaction.
    5. Ensure appropriate information disclosure and transparency of management We ensure transparency of management and conduct appropriate and timely disclosure of corporate information to the public.


Obayashi’s Three Pledges  三箴(さんしん)

 Quality                 Efficiency                Value
 良く  [Yoku]  、 速く [Hayaku]  、 廉く [Yasuku]


Corporate Message

Toward a Brighter Future

A satisfied smile is a sure sign of a brighter future. Whether our customers, partners, neighbors in the local community, or the children of the future, Obayashi’s goal is simply that, to make people smile. As a good corporate citizen, we want to bring a smile not only to every face, but to the whole wide world.

Shaping the Times with Care

Construction companies shape the world like no one else can, creating unique and timeless spaces that bridge the past, the present, and the future. As Obayashi professionals, we are each determined to bring sincerity, courtesy, mindfulness, and enthusiasm to everything we do. In every construction process, and in every business practice, we feel the keen sense of responsibility of people who are building a new and better world.



Responsibility to Customers

The social expectation toward the construction industry is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of people’s life as well as to economic development. In addition to the companies from whom we receive orders directly, we consider users of the buildings, surrounding communities and society as valuable customers. It is our responsibility to satisfy customers by meeting their needs and expectations through utilization of our full competence based on technology and experience cultivated over the years.

Obayashi Quality Policy

We construct high-quality buildings and infrastructure that our customers can use with a sense of security, comfort, and confidence. We continuously seek to improve our technologies and increase customer satisfaction, recognizing that quality is the key to enhancing our credibility and ensuring further growth.

Our Four Approaches toward Total Customer Satisfaction

We have made consistent efforts to respond to the needs of our customers. We intend to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction by following four approaches: “Quality” delivered throughout the process of designing and building works, “Technology” offered to meet varying needs of customers, “Safety” at construction site, and “Risk Reduction” that supports customer’s BCP.

Responsibility for the Environment

We rank environmental efforts as our most important management issue to fulfill our social responsibility. Therefore, we aggressively promote them throughout the entire Group. To this end, by carrying forward with “environmental risk management and compliance with law,” “environmental conservation” and “commitment to environmental business,” as well as “collaboration with stakeholders,” we aim to raise the level of society’s confidence in us and increase our opportunities to engage in environmental activities.

Obayashi Environmental Policy

Obayashi Social Responsibility Policy

The Obayashi Social Responsibility Policy guides our efforts to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen.

Obayashi Social Responsibility Policy

Human Rights

In the spirit of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, we respect fundamental human rights and do not discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, religion, social origin, disability or other distinction.

Obayashi Statement on Human rights

Together with Our Employees

Business activities are supported by every employee. In complying with the company philosophy of “respecting personal quality and developing individuality” and the objectives of creating a energetic company, making a comfortable work environment and having employees who practice a code of conduct, we want Obayashi to be a company that all employees feel proud to work for and can express their personalities and abilities freely.

Health and Safety

We regard the safety of construction sites to be a top priority. We established a Safety and Health Commitment to “ensuring the safety and health of all workers at construction sites and to creating comfortable workplace environments.”

Teaming Up with Suppliers

To deliver quality that is worthy of customers’ trust, it is essential to work closely with suppliers. We always strive to build a solid partnership with all suppliers.

Obayashi Group CSR Procurement Guidelines

Responsibility to Shareholders and Investors

We are focused on the growth of corporate value so that shareholders may appreciate the return on their investment. Our distribution policy is to maintain a stable dividend payout ratio over a long period of time based on the performance of our business.

Investor Relations


Compliance with the law is a very basic component of Obayashi Code of Conduct. Further, our corporate policy embodies our broader commitment to ethical business conduct. It is the responsibility of all of our emplyoees to apply high standard of ethics in their day-to-day business practices.

Corporate Ethics

Obayashi Anti-Bribery Policy

The Obayashi Group and its employees must not provide, offer, or promise, whether directly or through a third party, any money, financial advantage, or any other item of value with the intention of influencing any act by a public official or any other party in his or her official capacity with the aim of obtaining business in an inappropriate manner or seeking improper financial gain.

Corporate Governance

We believe that transparency and soundness of business administration is critically important to gain a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy company, while establishing solid internal controls and operations.