Obayashi Singapore Private Limited started to implement the use of BIM on our projects in 2010. Since our implementation, we have utilized BIM to successfully deliver a number of projects including large Data Centres with extensive M&E systems and industrial facilities.   Obayashi Singapore Private Limited has a number of BIM Engineers and Draftsmen on staff and we have set the standard to implement BIM on all of our projects.

Since our establishment in Singapore in 1965, Obayashi has contributed to the development of Singapore through our construction business in both the Building Construction sector and Civil Construction Sector. We leverage our world-class technical strengths, core competencies, and experienced staff to ensure successful delivery of our projects to all of our clients.

Specializations within the Building Construction Market Sector include:

  • Commercial Office
  • Data Center & Mission Critical
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Institutional
  • Research and Development
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Governmental
  • Warehouse
  • Retail
  • A&A
  • Interior Fit Out

Specializations within the Civil Construction Market Sector include:

  • Tunnel
  • Road Infrastructure
  • MRT / Rail
  • Bridge

Whether it be a full Design and Build contract to encompass all of the multi-disciplines or a partial Design and Build contract only including a select few, Obayashi Singapore Private Limited has both the capability and resources to delivery this construction model to our clients.  Obayashi Singapore Private Limited has a number of experienced Design Managers on staff, has the ability to leverage our design and engineering resources from our Tokyo Headquarters, and has established relationships with local design and engineering firms all of which enable us to successfully delivery Design and Build projects.

Obayashi Singapore Private Limited’s Pre-construction Services provides our clients with an array valuable input from a Builder’s perspective during the early stages of the project’s design development to ensure the client receives all of the information they require to make sound decisions to maximize their project budget and programme goals.

We work closely with the design team, consultants, and the client to provide guidance on all aspects of the project including:

  • Design Consultation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Construction Planning & Logistics
  • Preliminary Cost Estimating
  • Budget Monitoring Throughout Design Development
  • Value Analysis & Value Engineering
  • Subcontractor & Supplier Tender Preparation and Evaluation
  • Schedule & Programme Development

Obayashi develops various construction-related technologies to meet the needs of its customers and society. In the civil engineering field, Obayashi has developed long-distance tunneling technologies that enable shorter construction periods, and soil remediation technologies. Obayashi has also developed time-saving technologies in the building construction field in addition to technologies that reduce costs, dampen vibration, and protect against earthquake damage.

URUP (Ultra Rapid Under Pass) Method

Tunnel in the Metropolitan Expressway Central Circular Shinagawa Route

The URUP method developed and implemented by Obayashi is the world’s first tunneling technology that uses a shield machine to tunnel underground through the entire length of the tunnel from entrance to exit. It enables rapid construction of road and railway underpasses.
In comparison with conventional construction methods, the URUP method shortens the construction period by roughly two-thirds by eliminating the need for open-cut excavation and vertical shafts. It also substantially alleviates traffic congestion and noise associated with the construction work. It should contribute to reducing CO2 emissions as well.

Comparison with conventional construction method