Community Engagement

Obayashi Singapore works with people from all walks of life to enhance the global environment. What we want is to bring smiles to the satisfied and happy customers, colleagues and communities we work with, and to the children of the future. This is our wish behind Obayashi’s corporate message, “Toward a Brighter Future.” As a company, we firmly believe that we have a civic responsibility to deliver these smiles to our customers and society through our business activities, and to address the expectations and needs of our stakeholders.



RDA_CharityRDA_Charity_1 RDA Singapore is the only organization in Singapore that provides Horse Riding therapy to people with disabilities. RDA can benefit virtually all disabilities, both physical and learning disabilities in children and adults. Riders gain increased self-confidence, improved circulation, respiration, balance, coordination and mobility. For someone who is unable to walk unaided, see or has communication difficulties, riding a horse allows them to experience a new sense of freedom and independence.


RDA_Charity_2jpgObayashi Singapore has been supporting RDA Singapore at the Races since 2010.  Appreciating Obayashi Singapore’s unwavering support, RDA conferred one of the named races to Obayashi at its 2017 Race. Our named race is Obayashi Sprint 2017. Picture above shows MD with RDA Committee Members, RDA stable staff and winning owners, jockey and trainer.


  • Caring for Migrant Workers

    Understanding that migrant workers could need more help to better integrate with Singaporeans, Obayashi Singapore enhances the awareness of our foreign workers to local customs and practices through short sharing sessions conducted periodically. Staff also donate ready to wear attire to the workers at our 6 monthly charity donation drive.

  • Extending our Reach to the Underprivileged

    Obayashi Singapore assisted the Adventist Home for the Elders in its annual Fire Safety Audit on 6 March 2015. Our Safety Manager ensured that the Home complied with the Fire Safety Act while offering words of advice to the Home in conducting the fire drill. Obayashi Singapore also extends financial assistance to the needy elderly in Singapore.

  • Construction Site Tours

    Understanding the importance of quality education for our future generation, Obayashi Singapore hosts study visits at our construction sites so as to give the students a good understanding of common construction activities and the control measures in place to ensure safety at sites.